SPAM® Instant Noodles

SPAM® Instant Noodles

25 mins 2 servings

Simple and fast, it’s the perfect recipe for beginner cooks who just love boiling stuff. Fried SPAM® Classic is meaty with a lot of texture. Simple instant noodles instantly become a nutritious and classic delicacy thanks to SPAM® Classic and a boiled egg.


  • SPAM® Classic or new SPAM® MaLa
  • Instant noodles (convenient noodles)
  • Eggs
  • Green onion


  • 1.Cut two pieces of SPAM® Classic or new SPAM® MaLa and fry them in a pan until they turn golden.
  • 2.Boil instant noodles in hot water, put fried SPAM® Classic and a peeled boiled egg with a soft yolk into the noodles and finish with green onions and instant noodle spices.

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